Father Stan Fortuna DVDs & Other Merch

In addition to quite a few music releases Fr Stan and team have also produced a few DVDs.

The new design of the "get over yourself" t-shirt will be coming soon!

A Documentary Film
Directed by Kim Yu

Sent is a documentary on Fr. Stan Fortuna, a jazz, hip hop Franciscan Catholic priest who mixes music with message and serves the poor in the South Bronx and internationally. Before his calling to the priesthood, he was a professional jazz bassist and occasionally still plays Birdland and other venues with his trio when time permits. Fr. Stan has been invited to do concerts and preach the Gospel in numerous countries around the world. "Sent" follows Fr. Stan to various events and provides insight into his passion for life, music, and the Gospel of Jesus and His Church.


Track Listing for Jazz Numbers with Fr. Stan and featuring Peter Prisco and Peter Scattaretico

  1. My Blues Is A Pretty Color
  2. I Don't Know Why
  3. 317 E. 32nd Street
  4. You Don't Know What Love Is
  5. Rhythm Scatt Vocal 
  6. Drum Bluzia
  7. Shuffel Blues
  8. Another Flavor Blues
  9. You Can Depend On Me - Wowv 10 It's You or No One

Track Listing for Rapp Numbers
All songs recorded live by Fr. Stan with his bass and percussion instruments using his boomerang phrase sampling pedal. Recorded live first takes... no studio overdubs or punch-ins...

  1. The Zipper Zone
  2. Intro 2 Never Been Born
  3. Never Been Born 
  4. Intro 2 Kumbya
  5. KumbyA
  6. Intro 2 Everybody Got 2 Suffer
  7. Everybody Got 2 Suffer


DVD Description

1. The Music Video (5:34)
2. On Fire Teachings (1:15:04)
Fr. Stan's Interview in Vienna, Austria on the Gospel and Culture

Ten segments of Fr. Stan breakin-down JPII's Apostolic Letter "Christian Meaning of Human Suffering"

3. Special Bonus Extras (10:00)

  • the original trailer
  • behind the scenes
  • story board slide show