Message from Fr. Stan


Feast of Saint Francis 

Saint Frances  ~ francesco ~ loved Jesus. I love francesco and the way francesco loved Jesus;  I love the way francesco helps me love Jesus. I also love how Guardini was able to see and feel part of the heart of francesco without being afraid of being consumed with his seraphic fire:

            Many contrasts existed in him, and the important point is

            that he lived each of them entirely, that he did not try to

            efface any one of them. He acted on them all. This is a great

            task. He must have possessed invincible strength to conquer

            this situation and give his life that lucidity that marks all his

            words and works.

When the great saint jpii was with young people in Assisi (August 2001), he shared some of his heart which was close to the heart of francesco which was close to the heart of The Redeemer: God alone is the infinite horizon of your life. The more you know him, the more you will find out that only he is love and an inexhaustible source of joy.

This “more” was everything for francesco - this more of love for the all of love…

 May this more of love for the all of love become more real for you, for me, for our family and friends, for the Church, for the world…and for all….

With love and prayers….

buona festa della francesco…

happy feast day of francesco…


                                                                                                            fr stan+…