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Dear Friends in Christ,
When people hear "adoration" the obvious questions arise: "Is it a Eucharistic CD?" "Is it about the Blessed Sacrament?" The answer to these questions and others like it is "Yes... Of course..." yet, what does that mean? The magnitude of the awesomeness of the Eucharistic Mystery gets ignored by some and isolated by others; ignored by people who don't believe and isolated from the culture by people who live and construct a private world in harmony with their religious convictions. Not a good thing.

Both of these experiences - the ignoring of the Mystery by some and the isolation of the Mystery by others - are being addressed with the message of this CD. I"m hoping, praying and intending the CD to be a tool, a means to the end of one of the highest human acts - adoration thus fostering and strengthening communion with God which will foster and strengthen communion with all peoples. Please pray it will be a help for us who spend time in the Presence of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament and a help for us to live out the spirituality of communion in the heart of the Church and the heart of the contemporary culture as the Holy Father JP II has been stressing and living and challenging us with for years! Check out the following conclusion from JP; "Therefore, I have maintained that a faith that does not effect a persons culture is a faith 'not fully embraced, not entirely thought out, not faithfully lived.'"

Peace and Blessings 4 ever in Jesus and Mary...

Track Listings
01 little flower song
02 little flower instrumental
03 the humility of God
04 I will pledge this song to You
05 forever with you
06 fatima angel prayer
07 Mãe de Luz (Mother of Light)
08 part of me
09 I wanna go to Heaven
10 adoration
11 school of the Eucharist
12 gift of finest wheat
13 gift of finest wheat (instrumental)