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i will sing


I Will Sing does not fall solely under one musical genre although jazz and world music influences are clearly heard. The album features – more than any other recording – Fortuna’s bass playing especially on “Bass Strings Sing” and “Standing Upright” where he composed on his upright bass live in studio with Manuel Lopez III on drums, finishing it later.

“I am grateful for the completion of this new CD, I Will Sing. The music is inspired by a new approach that I refer to as ‘groove composing’, says Fortuna. “It’s like a structured session of improvisation that sets in motion melodies, chord structures and feeling for the music and the arrangements. It gives some expression to the singing and the songs in my soul.” + Fr. Stan

garden grove groove
i love you
bass strings sing
God goes up
standing upright
nobody lovin nobody
sing a new song
multi color blues
i will sing
amoris letecia
this side of the dawn
sweetly singing song