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I Will Worship You


"I wanted to capture the live prayerful spirit of worship in the studio, in different musical contexts with as many musicians as time and circumstance would allow. The results far exceeded my expectations. Many of the compositions as well as much of the musical contexts and production are much more a reflection of worship than performance.

As my hero Pope John Paul II said, "Music is a universal language, capable of raising deep emotions and transmitting noble sentiments, of creating states of mind similar to the fervor of the artist." I hope your experience of listening will draw you ever more deeply into the awesome event of worshiping the Great Mystery of the Most High God...

Referring to the Holy Father again: "Among the manifestations of the human spirit, music performs an elevated function, one that is unique and irreplaceable. When it is beautiful and inspired, music speaks to us even more than the other areas of goodness, of peace, of sacred divine things."
May the beauty, goodness and peace of sacred things divine captivate your mind and heart now and 4 ever in Jesus and Mary..." - Fr. Stan+

I Will Worship You
Alleluia, Jesus Is The Lord
Worship Jam (Change My Heart, Oh God & Reign In Me)
Glorify Thy Name
Worship Call
Bernadette's Song
Jesus, Jesus Touch Me
Lay Your Burden Down
Awake, O Lord
Urban Worship
We Will Worship You
Canticle Of Brother Sun