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New Culture Concert


This live concert was recorded in New York on December 7, 2003. Disc 1 features a jazz set with Fr. Stan Fortuna on bass, Peter Prisco on guitar and Peter Scattaretico on drums. Disc 2 is a rap set performed by Fr. Stan utilizing bass guitar, percussion instruments and boomerang phrase sampling. All first takes, no studio overdubs or punch-ins.

Disc: 1
My Blues Is A Pretty Color
I Don't Know Why
317 E. 32nd Street
You Don't Know What Love Is
Rhythm Scatt Vocal
Drum Bluzia
Shuffel Blues
Another Flavor Blues
You Can Depend On Me/WOW
It's You Or No One

Disc: 2
The Zipper Zone
Intro 2 Never Been Born
Never Been Born
Intro 2 Kumbya
Intro 2 Everybody Got 2 Suffer
Everybody Got 2 Suffer