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Sacro Song 2


This is the much anticipated follow-up to Fr. Stan's highly successful Catholic Rap CD from 1998 called Sacro Song. In Sacro Song II, Fr. Stan continues to explore the human condition in its many facets. The music is fresh and original, the messages are moral and true. Although the CD is primarily rap, Fr. Stan is able to blend in touches of jazz and world beat percussion. This makes for an interesting marriage of musical genres. Fr. Stan dedicates this CD to His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

Magnificat (Fr. Fortuna Tone #2 Intro)
Say Yes to Sex (Theology of the Body)
F.A.M.I.L.Y. remix (one mo time)
Libre (Freedom)
Everybody Got to Suffer (Everybody)
Baraka (Conversion/Blessing)
Cell 91 (JP II)
Instructional Dialogue
Unborn Victims of Violence (A New Law?)
Dame Tu Luz (Give Me Your Light)
HDHD (Hand-down hand-drum)
Magnificat (Fr. Fortuna Tone #2 Outro)