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Scola Tristano


Fr. Stan Fortuna , Peter Scattaretico and Peter Prisco have been deeply involved with the music of the Tristano School for the last 25 years... Fortuna and Scattaretico have both studied at length with Lennie Tristano and performed with his master disciples Warne Marsh and Sal Mosca and also Lennie himself... Prisco had studied for more than a decade with Sal Mosca... and performed with Warne Marsh.
The music on this cd represents the freedom both rhythmically and harmonically that is so evident in those involved with the Tristano school. Also there is the added factor of the instinctive communication between musical compatriots who have been good friends for years... the result is spontaneous and inspiring both in line and sound....exhibiting great energy and life...

The music of Scola Tristano represents the musicians’ deep respect for the spontaneous improvisation of master pianist Lennie Tristano. The rhythm section feel is reminiscent of the early Bill Evans Trio in its collective freedom. Bill loved Lennie and so do these musicians. Lennie loved to be free and so do these musicians. Enjoy the music!

Fr. Stan Fortuna, CFR: bass, vocals
Peter Prisco: guitar
Peter Scattaretico: percussion

All Things
It's You
What Would I Do (vocal)
All of Me (trio)
Blame Me
I Don't Know Why (vocal)
Goin Home
Body and Soul
All of Me (duo/vocal)