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Seraphic Wanderer

"Seraphic Wanderer" is a marked departure from Fr. Stan's previous works and showcases a mélange of musical styles he has experienced throughout his travels. It explores Fr. Stan’s musical roots and highlights some significant moments in his life. "1-11-04" is an ode to the day that his mentor and Community founder, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, was involved in a serious accident. "Uganda Are You Ready" features some Ugandan musicians he met while working with a mission in the poverty-stricken area of Masaka, Uganda. "Love Giver" was written as a tribute to his mother who passed away during the making of this album and to whom the entire CD is dedicated.

Fr. Stan infuses the album with grooves and sounds ranging from latin pop to rock with sixteen bars of hip hop, spoken word to chant, world beat to smooth jazz as well as Brazilian melodies and textures.

Track Listings
JPII “Wanderer” Text 1:30
Everything Will Be Alright 5:56
Fresh Eggs and Fish 3:21
Uganda Are You Ready 3:00
Stretch Me 3:14
Wings of Love 3:28
1-11-04 3:32
7 From Heaven 4:39
Immigrant Soul 4:39
Something About Love 4:44
Morning Offering 4:46
Lift Up 3:40
Love Giver 4:06
SW Outro 1:08