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U Got 2 Believe

"Fr. Stan passionately believes that he is called to preach to a very hurt and cheated part of God's family - kids who have been raised on the media culture. He can speak its language, which I hardly comprehend. He can use its music, which I don't understand. He can see the problem from the inside, while I see only the outside and bad results... I pray that U-Got-2-Believe! will be a real help to many young men and women who want to follow Christ in this dark world, or who feel cheated by the culture in which we live."
Fr. Benedict Groeschel CFR
(from the Preface)

"In this book, Fr. Stan will give you the keys to this great adventure with Jesus. Perhaps more than any other person I know, Fr. Stan understands the heart of young people, and has the gift to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ."
Jeff Cavins
(from the Forward)

"There's a lot of stuff in this book that you can come back to and re-read again and again. I also hope that this book will help you to pray and get close and stay close to Jesus - to know Him, love Him, and serve Him and His Church and all peoples with great love and joy."
Fr. Stan
(from the Introduction)

REVIEW: A mother writes how her daughter began to embrace Catholicism after reading Fr. Stan's book...



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