U Got 2 Love

"U Got 2 Love" is an entertaining and insightful book for all ages especially those interested in delving into the intricacies of love. Fr. Stan has written a practical guide that takes the reader on a journey of (re)discovery in how we view love, how we can integrate it and live it fully every day. Quoting from Catholic, Christian and non-Christian sources, he expounds different manifestations of love that can be applied to today’s modern culture.

"Love was the dominant force in the life of our beloved Holy Father Pope John Paul II. "U got 2 Love" is a practical and well documented presentation of the gift and mystery of this love. It's like a little school of love. . . May all who read and reread this book be inspired to pass on the fire of this love heart to heart, more and more, every day. John Paul said: 'Man cannot live without love.' Take this book and set the world on fire with love!"
--Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz

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