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U Got 2 Pray

255 pages

Fr. Stan Fortuna, C.F.R. You know is isn't easy being a 21st-century teen. More opportunity brings greater stress and temptation. Heightened social awareness is accompanied by increased pressure to conform, to comply, to be politically correct in the eyes of the dominant culture. And to be a Christian teen, in the first century or the twenty-first, is to be counter-cultural. The prayers in this book are for them. To help them put their feelings into words and give shape to their ideas. To be with them as they move from praying the way a little kid does to talking - and listening - to God as a young adult. Here is not only how to pray better but why to pray at all. Here are the traditional prayers, the quotes, the scripture passages that have comforted and challenged teens for a long, long time. Here are original prayers that deal with the everyday situations they face right now.  

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