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New Culture Concert


Track Listings for Jazz Numbers with Fr. Stan and featuring Peter Prisco and Peter Scattaretico
01 My Blues Is A Pretty Color
02 I Don't Know Why
03 317 E. 32nd Street
04 You Don't Know What Love Is
05 Rhythm Scatt Vocal
06 Drum Bluzia
07 Shuffel Blues
08 Another Flavor Blues
09 You Can Depend On Me - Wowv 10 It's You or No One

Track Listings for Rapp Numbers
All songs recorded live by Fr. Stan with his bass and percussion instruments using his boomerang phrase sampling pedal. Recorded live first takes... no studio overdubs or punch-ins...

Track Listings
01 The Zipper Zone
02 Intro 2 Never Been Born
03 Never Been Born
04 Intro 2 Kumbya
05 KumbyA
06 Intro 2 Everybody Got 2 Suffer
07 Everybody Got 2 Suffer